Bully Billows Product Questions

Are Bully Billows products safe to use?

All of our products are made from non toxic fibres and materials which have all been tested extensively for many weeks/months before we release any products on sale. Our products DNA consists of 3 key ingredients:


  1. Nylon.
  2. Neoprene
  3. Foam


A combination of materials above creates the perfect collar, harness or even lead. Our Ramsey Range collars have all 3 materials. Our Harnesses, leads and other collars have Nylon lined with Neoprene.


What are the benefits of Neoprene & Foam?


Prevents and stops your dog suffering from the following:


  1. Skin/fur prone to rash.
  2. Nylon burns which can cause the fur to rub away.
  3. Nylon allergens which can be caused by Nylon directly to your dogs fur over a period of time (this is why Neoprene/Foam is lined inside to prevent this).


Also great for:


  1. Water Resistant & Odourless.
  2. Quick drying
  3. Your dog can use our products all day and even night with comfort in mind.


Even the handles of our collars and lead handle are lined with Neoprene in, not just to ensure your dog is comfortable but also the person using the handle(s). This will prevent nylon burns to your palm and just a more comfortable experience when out walking your dog.

Washing Bully Billows products?

Any K9 product or accessory will get dirty, dogs will be dogs! This is a common question in our community. We have some recommended guidelines to follow for washing your dog products from BullyBillows.


  1. Hand wash in warm, soapy (mild detergent) water. Scrub gently until the mud and excess dirt has washed away and rinse with clean water. Air dry over night or in the day.
  2. If you prefer to put the product(s) in the washing machine, we advise against this as washing machines have high temperatures and are on for quiet some while.. we advise to place your product(s) inside of a pillow case and tie the end. The pillow case is added safety to avoid direct heat or too much water which can result in your product(s) shrinking or fading.


With our vibrant coloured products, when we dye the products we use a key ingredient, ‘Fluorescent’. Fluorescent is the ingredient which creates the ‘vibrant’ look of our products. Please be mindful with more vibrant product(s) as they may fade quicker than other colours such as the colour Black. What we advise for vibrant colours such as Orange, Pink, Purple etc.


  1. Do not leave in direct sunlight.
  2. Be careful/gentle when washing your product(s).


We hope the above helps, if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Can I use your collars, leads, harnesses on my dog?

YES! Our products are catered for small – larger breeds. We have an array of different widths, thicknesses, styles and sizes to cater for all ages and sizes.

Can I use Bully Billows products in water/sea?

When designing our products, we have ensured our products the majority of weather conditions. But, like any product, they can only withstand so much.


Thousands of dog owners use our products in all weathers and climates. From the sea to normal water, daily use, dog sports and training.


If you do visit the seaside or live in a country/location to which you visit and your dog enters the sea, be mindful with cleansing your product after. Sea water contains high levels of salt and grit, our products can withstand heavy force, pressure and weathers. We ask you clean your products after use in the sea or water to prevent your products from damp and grit which may enter our buckles such as on our Harnesses or Combat Clip Collars.


If your dog enjoys a splash into a local river or pond, not to worry – this is very normal for a lot of dog owners who use our products on their dogs.